Is a Plant Based Diet Healthier for You?

Is a plant-based diet healthier for you? Than say a more animal-based diet with, me dairy things like in this article we’re going to talk about what really is a plant-based diet and what that consists of and the different variations of it.

Plant Based Diet -
Plant Based Diet

In this article, we’re share our quotes and experiences and scientific data from leading researchers as well as leading athletes. We talk about a few different myths associated with a plant-based or vegan diet for example one of the miss being blood type and what diet is actually correct and best for you depending on your blood type, where I talk about protein and you know protein excess protein deficiency.

Are you getting enough protein?, maybe you have too much where do you get it in a plant-based diet. What’s the difference between protein in a plant-based diet versus you know a meat-based diet. In this article, we talk about when people have tried a plant-based diet or have gone vegan, for example the challenges they’ve had and why they’ve had those challenges and you know especially answer the question of. oh well it didn’t work for me and what that actually means and what those people were missing and about the benefits and detriments of a animal-based diet for example we talk about, the benefits and detriments of meat and dairy so that you have a larger body of knowledge to make a decision upon whether you just want to be healthier and heal your body or you want to. Perform better as an athlete.

Get the Bikini Body You Want With This 4 Fitness Guide Tips! Talk about all of it in this article so, make sure you read for the whole thing and so let’s dive right into today’s, article so I’d like to open up with a quote from John Hines who is a Brazilian, jiu-jitsu champion and owner of a Monkey Bar gym he says I literally went from, crippling pain to good health in a matter of weeks when I made the decision, I was very worried I’d lose all my hard gained muscle, wrong. I’m currently the same lean body mass and weight.

I was in 2003 before I, switched to a plant-based diet, this life transformation happened over eight years ago and I’ve been going strong ever since so let’s talk about what is a plant-based diet from our definition, so the definition of plant-based diet is a diverse abundant balanced and primarily fresh diet composed of plants including fruits nuts seeds berries legumes grains flowers herbs and vegetables, basically no meat or dairy of any kind. Within there you have a few different factions if you will or different segments of plant-based vegan, things like that we’ll, read about some of those differences but, again primarily plant based mostly meaning no meat or dairy of any kind and three really important works we’re going to reveal about in a little bit diverse, abundant and balanced.
The University of Toronto found that the theory behind because it was a theory at,the time the popular blood type diet is not valid at all quoting this study they say based on the data of 455 study participants we found no evidence to support the blood type diet theory. This is the senior author of the study who’s associate professor in Canada Research, Chair at the U of T he also says the way, an individual responds to any one of these diets has absolutely nothing to do with their blood type and has everything to do with their ability to stick to a sensible vegetarian or carbohydrate diet for example eating a type-a diet lots of fruits and vegetables was associated with better health markers but this effect was seen in everyone following the type-a diet, not just individuals with type A blood, so basically what they’re saying is, anybody who eats more fresh fruits and, vegetables is going to have better health markers doesn’t matter what your blood type is and you know you can look at multiple studies that have been done on this and have totally debunked this myth that you know if you have a certain blood type that you need to have more meat in your diet it’s absolutely not true.
Now where people have problems with this is when we get into the third myth is they’re not getting enough diversity in their diet when they switched your plant-based but we’ll get there in a little bit just want to clarify that for you, if you’ve ever been told you know oh, you have a certain blood type you need meat it’s absolutely not true and that leads us into myth number two he’s a lot of people are told they need meat because of protein iron b12 to things like that yeah from own personal experience.

I find that I get plenty of protein through plant-based diet. Getting a protein through like for instance I’ll switch out wheat, pasta for lentil pasta, adding in kale broccoli there legumes adding in different variety of nuts.
All of those have a lot of protein into it that body actually can assimilate in utilize and so through the athletics, that we’ve been doing you know do Cross Fit for a year and a half went, straight into boxing and there’s so much energy exertion going on we finding that I still have energy throughout the day also managing a gym personal training doing my own workouts with all that I find that I’m still building lean muscle mass being able to do all the workouts that I want to do be able to be.

Lot of things you can do to thrive on a plant-based diet but just know that switching to a plant-based diet. If you’re following these steps correctly you are going to not only feel better but live longer and be healthier and that’s really what we all want and at the end of the day you’re making a better decision for the life of the animals and for the life of the planet because it’s significantly more sustainable to eat, plant-based than it is to eat animal-based it’s better on the environment it’s better on the planet and it’s better on our bodies so that’s it for today’s article.

We appreciate you, we want to hear your questions, comments thoughts what do you want to read in future articles. what specific questions you have about. Wherever you are, we want to get this information out to as many people as possible.

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