Daily exercises to lose belly fat

Daily Exercises That Can Help You Stay Fit For Life

Daily exercises to lose belly fat  should be a habit. However, making exercise a habit can be a struggle for many people. In an effort to turn exercising into a habit, people often force themselves to exercise three to four times each week. This makes creating the habit of exercising difficult.

Daily exercises to lose belly fat

Creating a habit requires being consistent with a particular action. Thus, it must be done daily. This way, it becomes much easier and almost automatic, instead of being a constant struggle.

Having said that, here are 5 exercises that you can do every day to stay fit and healthy:

Daily exercises to lose belly fat

  • Walk-Out Push-Up

The routine targets multiple groups of muscles, and incorporate multiple movement planes. It accelerates your heart rate.

Begin the exercise with feet around hip-width apart. Fold forward slowly at the hips, allowing your hands to touch the floor. Slowly walk your hands forward until the spine is neutral, and you get to the starting position for a push-up. Do a full push-up, then walk your hands backward to your feet. Slowly roll up your spine, a vertebrae at a time, as you get back to the standing position.

  • Standard Squat

Squats prompt the brain to participate actively. The idea is to get the proper foot placement, to focus on evenly distributing weight between the right and left legs, to keep the back straight and the chest high, to keep the glutes engaged, to pause at the directional change to prevent momentum build-up, and the hips’ full elongation when in standing position. If necessary, use a wall to modify the move.

  • Jumping Jacks

The age-old exercise routine offers a dash of plyometrics, and gives a lot of benefits in terms of functional fitness. A sedentary lifestyle renders the feet’s neuro-transmitters sleepy. The light impact from the exercise is a great way to wake these sleepyheads up. Similar to walk-outs, jumping jacks, when performed in a controlled manner, also work on various muscle groups. The routine likewise increases the heart rate.

  • Hip Bridge

The routine gets you down on the floor, which many people prefer. Similar to the squat, the exercise also actively engages the brain. Breathing, foot placement, and weight distribution are key elements of the exercise. Another element is keeping the toes touching the floor. As the heels absorb the entire body weight, the lower back receives more pressure. By keeping the toes down, the glutes and hamstrings engage and extend the hips as your body shifts directions.

  • Plank

Upper body work for ordinary people are often classified under one category, which is PPHC (pushing, pulling, holding, & carrying). Various muscle combinations are involved, but because people are concerned with regular life function, the focus is on stabilizing the gluteo-hip area and rib cage as the core of all activities that concern arm movements. A basic plank turns the switch on the muscle encasement of the rib cage and vital organs.

Final Word

Make it a habit of performing these basic exercises daily. This will help keep you fit and healthy for life.

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